ORC Week 1: Meet My Dining Room


Can you believe it, baby, we’re back at it again. The Fall 2018 One Room Challenge is in full swing, with a killer lineup of amazing designers and bloggers. This challenge is going to be unlike any other. Why you ask? Well, normally we have six weeks to transform one room of our choosing. However, this season, I’m practically gone for the whole month of October aka the whole ORC. I’m traveling A TON for work this month and have lots of (exciting) client projects to tend to in between trips. THE PRESSURE IS ON!!

Luckily, I have an amazing husband to tend to the home front. It’s no secret that Alex is the muscle behind my designs. He is my #1 contractor. I feel so lucky to have someone by my side who can add and remove walls at my whim. I meeeeeean, did you see our last challenge? The man turned a hallway into a closet, which makes him a hero in my eyes.

So what room are we working on? Well, I’m glad you asked - we’re making over our dining room!! If you’ve been checking in on Instagram, you would have seen that Alex started doing some framing for the killer built-in he’s making. That piece is going to be EPIC and totally transform the space. As of now, the room is pretty square. Usually, dining rooms are a little long and narrow - or at the very least obviously rectangular. Our dining room is square, which is proving challenging to design - but we’ll make it work.

Alright, the moment you’ve all been waiting for - THE BEFORE PHOTOS (& a video)!!

Disclaimer: This is what the space looked like when we moved in and we’ve done next to nothing to it (just refinished the floors) and it’s what the room looks like now. For the last few months, we’ve been eating at a folding table. While that sounds terrible, currently we have no table to eat at so I miss that folding table very much. AND NO, your eyes don’t deceive you, these walls are in fact a terrible butter yellow, accented with a ripe ketchup color. The previous homeowners had interesting taste.

Alex created a time lapse video of the work he started on this weekend. He did all the work, but I uploaded in to Youtube, which no joke, has me wondering if you’re reading the blog of the world’s next big Youtube star. First Youtube video here and BAM your girl nailed the upload.

Michelle Gage // ORC Week 1: Meet My Dining Room
Michelle Gage // ORC Week 1: Meet My Dining Room

Well, that’s all she wrote. Be sure to check out each featured designer’s blog post today and the participant’s tomorrow. I always feel jazzed and inspired when The ORC rolls around - people creating all around the world and web…ahhh magical!!

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