ORC Week 5: Styling The Dining Room


Well, folks, we made it. Alex and I spent the entire weekend preparing for the dining room photoshoot, which took place yesterday. We had very little “down time” between assembling lighting, installing hardware, setting up the furniture, flower shopping and styling. The final pieces for the room showed up just the night before the shoot - talk about a time crunch!!

This week saw a lot of progress. The wallpaper went up last Friday, which meant that we could finally set up the room. It’s totally crazy to think about what was accomplished in those 3 short days between the wallpaper installation and the photoshoot. We really do complete these rooms in 6 weeks. We start the process a few days early and also end a few days early. We have to work this way in order to hit the reveal day deadline with professional photos. If I was shooting the space myself (you’d cringe), I could wait until the very last minute to do so. However, I can’t operate a camera to save my life and I want the room to be shown off in it’s best light, so I always hire a pro to shoot any projects I plan to put out into the world.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise by revealing too much of the room. Instead, I’m going to share some detail shots. My photos wouldn’t do the space justice anyway, so you’re better off waiting a week for the good stuff!!

Michelle Gage // ORC Week 5: Styling The Dining Room

Let’s touch on some of the new arrivals aka we finally have furniture again! Goodbye, folding table!

I was thrilled to work with Article again. I had partnered with them about 2 years ago, outside of The ORC, on our basement makeover in my last home. Article has some great pieces at great prices and I had been eyeing The Oscuro Bar Cabinet for the space. I also had my heart set on some pretty fantastic chairs. One of the hardest things to manage in this challenge is the tight timeline. These chairs would’ve been lovely in the space, but they would have arrived after the reveal/shoot, so I had to purchase something that not only looked the part but came on time. To continue the partnership, we swapped the chairs out for a dining table. I needed something sturdy and simple and The Seno Dining Table hit all the marks. It’s a larger room than in our last home and we plan on hosting family here. We needed a table that accommodated as many people as possible; this one is extendable, which works well for when we host family and also for when we eat tacos by ourselves.

Michelle Gage // ORC Week 5: Styling The Dining Room

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I chose the black latches from Emtek for the built in doors. They really POP against the white cabinetry and play with the bits of black that bounce around the room. I’m typically much more of a brass person, but I loved the sleekness of the latch design and thought the black finish really drove that idea home. I am so amazed by what Alex created from nothing (remember, we started with an empty wall) and love how he was able to make something so totally custom - just by selecting the right cabinets and hardware.

Michelle Gage // ORC Week 5: Styling The Dining Room

So with the shoot behind us, we can finally breathe a sigh of relief. We’re so thrilled with how the room turned out and can’t wait to share the end result with you all in just a week. Beyond what I shared above, you can get a good sense of how we spend out weekends by viewing the time lapse video below.

Just as I do with every project, I can’t help but critique my own work. I wish I realized sooner that the large piece of art was blocking the view - but this is real life, people, and I was in my zone. Styling is WORK!! For anyone who things it’s easy and fast, I’m here to debunk that myth. Styling, while loads of fun, is absolutely exhausting. I spent no less than 8 hours getting the styling just right for this room - and I already owned all of the props.

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