Design Ideas: Best Bold Backsplashes

Michelle Gage // Design Ideas: Best Bold Backsplashes

Happy Monday! Let's dive into the work week with some kitchen inspiration. 

After completely overhauling our kitchen last spring, I have become absolutely obsessed with ceramic tile. When sourcing options for clients, I can't help but gravitate towards something with a fun shape and color. 

When creating a compelling kitchen design, you want to choose one standout element. In our own kitchen, we chose a scalloped shape in various ocean tones. It's a feature of the space that gets a lot of attention. The bold backsplash is balanced by the white cabinets chosen. 

You can select patterned tile - or create your own by repeating certain colors. Of course, you can also stick to one striking shade and keep it monotone. 

Here are some of my favorite tile sources to get your design journey started:

Mercury Mosaics  - TONS of colors and shapes to choose from

Cle Tile - PERFECTLY printed options

Tabarka Studio - VIBRANT collections, inspired by worldwide travels

Nemo Tile - GREAT glass options

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