One Room Challenge: Get The Look // Palm Springs Project

Michelle Gage // One Room Challenge: Get The Look // Palm Springs Project
Michelle Gage // One Room Challenge: Get The Look // Palm Springs Project
Michelle Gage // One Room Challenge: Get The Look // Palm Springs Project

It is one week after the reveal of The Palm Springs Project. I am still giddy over how everything turned out. As mentioned in the previous posts, things shifted a bit from our original design plan. I wanted to share these changes and all of the sources we shopped to pull this project together. As mentioned, everything was fairly affordable. Keep in mind, when purchasing products for an entire space, the cost will start to add up. Luckily for us, Natalie had some of these items already, keeping our cost down. She had a great vintage credenza, Moroccan rug and shelving unit for us to use. 

SOFA, $999 - This was the piece Natalie "had to have" - and I am all about a pink sofa. 

PILLOWS, $18-39 EACH - Pillows are the perfect way to add texture to a space!


MOROCCAN POUF, $155 - Poufs are a great way to add a little extra seating into a space, when needed. 

MOROCCAN RUG, $399 - Initially, we debated on two affordable options from World Market. When we couldn't decide, Natalie offered up the one she planned to use in her bedroom. 

END TABLE, $76 - This affordable option looks much more expensive that its price indicates. 

MCM CREDENZA, $399 - Again, this was a piece Natalie already owned and wished to use in her space. It was the perfect fit to sit beside the fireplace.

TABLE LAMPS, $107 - The initial design plan featured lamps that were twice the price. When looking for areas to cut back, I knew that we could find a duplicate. 

FELT LETTER BOARD, $60 - When I had suggested that Natalie purchase this piece for her space, she informed me that she already had it. PERFECT!

WALLPAPER, $599 - This is one of the most special features in the space. We both agreed that this space needed wallpaper, but we didn't want a style we had seen before. We wanted something in the botanical family - but were over traditional palm prints. This style spoke to us. When I showed it to Natalie, she knew it was THE ONE.

BAR CART, $698 - This was the bar cart of Natalie's dreams. Since she is in fact a bar tender, she thought it would be worth the splurge - AND BOY WAS SHE RIGHT. Every other option we looked at fell short of expectations. We were able to secure a 20% off coupon, which alleviated some of the cost. 

RATTAN MIRROR, $123 - Natalie already had this vintage mirror in her possession - we just needed to find the right home for it. 

NEON SIGN, $169 - Every funky space needs a neon sign - especially one that reminds you to stay wild.

S/2 CHAIRS, $400 - Yes, you read that price right - that's the price for both! When our originally selected chairs fell through, these swooped in and saved the day.

SHELVING, $80 - This is your basic, standard shelving unit. Natalie had it. It worked. Done.

CACTUS CANDLES, $28 - An obvious choice for #shelfie styling...

FLAMINGO CATCHALL, $30 - The perfect place to keep your keys and change...

PLANTERS, $29-36 - We both agreed that this space needed to be loaded up with plant life. These quick picks from Target added so much interest to the space. 


DINOSAUR PRINT, $49 - The photo that you see printed is actually a shot that Natalie took while in Palm Springs. We framed it through Framebridge and knew it had to live over the fireplace. 

NUDE PAINTING, $140 - We are both big fans of "stranger art" and knew that we needed a piece for this project. Originally, Natalie wanted one that was twice the price. When I presented this option to her, she snagged it right away! This particular style is one-of-a-kind, but the seller has more wonderful options in her shop. 

METALLIC BASKET, $44 - Every giant cactus needs a metallic basket to live in. 

We looked at A TON of options when sourcing items for this space. Be sure to check out the additional products we previewed over on this project's pinterest board.