One Room Challenge: The BIGGEST Change We're Making In The Master Bedroom


Alex and I have been sharing a bedroom since graduating from college in 2012. Yes, we lived in unmarried sin for four years. Get over it. 

Right as we graduated, we sensed that our little apartment was missing one thing - a playful pup! We got our first (rescue) doggie a month after signing our lease. She was our first baby, so we naturally spoiled her. She was quickly became the third body in our bed. For the first year, she was small enough to tuck into the crook of our knees. As she grew, our space diminished. She quickly learned that the coziest spot in the bed was right in between the both of us. 

Fast forward six years and we have dog #2 - can you guess where she likes to sleep? So, we're upgrading from a queen to a king bed. NO...a larger bed does not mean more space for the pups. After many, many nights of fighting for blankets, we've resolved to kick the dogs out of the bedroom. They're getting the boot. The doggies will be staying with the queen bed in the guest room. After all, it was always their bed; we were just sleeping in it.

The new bed and bedding we're getting is real nice, people. I have some wonderful sponsors to thank for that. Pom Pom at Home is providing a full bedding set. We are finally tossing out our tired, dog-chewed duvet in favor of a much nicer one. Our polyster sheets are going linen, as is our duvet. While we resolve to leave the dogs at the door, this set is machine washable...should we *cough* "break" *cough* our own rule. 

There are a few reasons why I chose neutral-colored bedding. First, Alex. I've put that poor boy through enough with wild floral printed patterns. Second, I knew I wanted crazy bold wallpaper and a pink rug. You need to be careful not to take print-mixing too far. This combination pushes the boundaries while still remaining tasteful (and not tacky) - all thanks to the light grey-toned bedding

Alex might marry our new mattress. I'm not kidding; he's obsessed with it. I worked on an event with the good people at Casper in February. I fell in love with their mattresses and honestly their customer service. That's a big thing for me. As I've gotten older, I've gotten busier. I am all about supporting companies that make my life easier. With Casper, I was able to try The Wave in the store and get it shipped within 24 hours. No joke. It might have been 20. The mattress came wrapped in a box and was left at my door. Since the mattress arrives in a box, I didn't even have to be home to receive it. As someone who has wasted many an hour sitting around for deliveries that never come, I was pleased as a peach. 

Another major change we're making is to the closet. Previously, the space that is now closet was once hallway. Remember, our bedroom used to be two rooms - so naturally you needed a hallway to get to each one. 

This is my first time having a big girl closet. All of my life, I have always had the dinkiest closets. Now, I'm no clotheshorse, but I do like seeing all of my pretty things on display. I partnered with The Container Store to outfit this space - and boy am I glad I did! On our initial call, they suggested that, as a designer, I might want to design the closet myself. NOPE! I have about ten thousand things on my plate right now, so I was happy to leave this one in their very capable hands. I worked with a designer that who put together a custom closet based on our needs. For once, I got to play the client!

Andrea at TCS designed us a his and hers closet - one side for me and one side for Alex. We were able to make tweaks throughout the process. For example, I don't have nearly as many high heeled shoes as she suggested storage for, so we traded that space in for some drawers. The Elfa system has a few finishes you can choose from and Alex and I both agreed on the birch.

Simple touches really get me giddy. My favorite part about the closet is the built-in jewelry drawers. I may not have a lot of heels, but I have A LOT of jewelry. I've always struggled with how to store it. For the last few years, I've had it all living in vintage dishes on my dresser. I honestly hate having them out, but that was the best way to contain it all - or so I thought. It's always collecting dust and truthfully looks a little junky sitting out. The Container Store outfitted the space with two jewelry drawers, with many tiny compartments for all of my itty bitty pieces. When I saw that they included that, my heart skipped a beat. FINALLY someone who gets me. Everything can have its own little spot, neatly stored and is easily accessible. 

If you're itching for your own closet makeover, The Container Store is having a MAJOR closet sale - now through May 13th. Hundreds of products are on sale for 25% off - so RUN! Their store staff can help you create your very own dream closet. 

Michelle Gage // One Room Challenge: The BIGGEST Change We're Making In The Master Bedroom
Michelle Gage // One Room Challenge: The BIGGEST Change We're Making In The Master Bedroom
Michelle Gage // One Room Challenge: The BIGGEST Change We're Making In The Master Bedroom

Okay, so we've talked through some of my favorite topics already - comfy bedding, king sized beds and organization of clothes and jewelry. Onto another favorite topic of mine - art! 

I gotta lotta art for this space. Just how we never got that fan we always wanted (until now), art has always been lacking in our past bedrooms. Our bedrooms have always been fairly undecorated spaces. I find this to be the case with my clients too. First, you do the living room. Next, you design the dining room. Bedrooms will usually be third or fourth in line, but they're rarely #1. 

If you're familiar with my style, you know I LOVE colorful art. I've always collected art. I've never really had anything all that expensive, but I've always had a lot of it. What can I say - ART IS MY JAM. I got lucky with sponsors this round, because I got to pick out some pretty amazing art from some of my favorite places to shop. First, Gray Malin (a featured designer for this challenge), donated this lovely piece. I've always dreamed of owning a piece of his. He's so genuinely talented and his work is incredibly upbeat. He fits my style perfectly. I had a hard time landing on which print to pick, but ultimately went with this The Reef for its beautiful blue tones. Alex loves it as much as I do.

Chairish also sent me some art. I have been a HUGE supporter of Chairish since they first launched their site. They offer some of the world's most amazing vintage goodies. I shop them a ton when I'm searching for one-of-a-kind finds for clients. Most recently, a client of mine snagged this knockout rug. I also sell my own vintage finds on Chairish. I find myself shopping more than I should - and I can keep that up by constantly reevaluating what might be able to part with. If I don't love it now as much as I did when I bought it, up on the shop it goes!

For my #massivemaster, I selected this colorful piece from Kate Roebuck and this blue and white beaut from Leslie Weaver. I have always been a big fan of Kate's so it's a dream come true to own her work. I discovered Leslie Weaver through Chairish's print shop and I'm so glad I did. I love organically discovering new artists. 

Not to be missed, I'm also putting this cheeky print in the closet and this guy in the sleep space. If I could continue to litter my walls with art, I'd happily shop my little bum off. I'm still eyeing some gems for other rooms of my house. This would look really sweet in a living room. This one would be perfect in a powder room. How about this one for a kitchen. 

Next up, we're laying the cork floors in the closet. Be sure to follow my stories to stay up to date on all things ORC - and read up on week 1 and week 2 here.

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Thank you to Pom Pom At Home, Casper, The Container Store, Gray Malin, Chairish and Minted for donating product to make this challenge a BIG success.