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Product Round Up: Top 12 Sofas Under $2,000

Michelle Gage // Product Round Up: Top 12 Sofas Under $2,000

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A sofa is one of the most important purchases you can make for your living room; it is also one of the most expensive. There are thousands of options out there, making the decision just a tad bit overwhelming. There are a lot of great furniture manufacturers and you could spend hours (days even) going through their entire offering. 

I've taken the guess work out of the equation. These are my top 12 favorite finds. I've used many of these styles in my design projects. #5 is making it's way into my #palmspringsprojectorc. I've used #7 for several homeowners and they have all raved about it. I actually have #9 in my own home - just in velvet. The leather options is soooo comfortable. Keep in mind that these styles are available in many different fabrics and even leg finishes. When choosing your ideal sofa, start with the shape. Find a comfortable silhouette that speaks to your style. Then, land on the right fabric for your space. Many retailers have dozen of upholstery options within each collection. 

Which is your favorite?

For even more affordable sofa selections, from yours truly, check out this post on Emily Henderson's blog and this one on Domino. All styles are under $1000.