ORC Week 3: Revealing The Room's Wallpaper


Let me start off by saying this…I KNOW. I KNOW it’s a bit out of order to see the built in details before the full room design. I KNOW everyone and their mother shared their design boards last week. I KNOW I’ve kept you waiting on the details of what furniture, wallpaper and lighting is going into the room. Trust me, I had a good reason. See, I KNOW wallpaper. I have picked out some pretty fantastic styles for clients, if I do say so myself. (See evidence of this statement here, here, here, here and here).

You get it.

So back to me. I knew that if I showed you all a wallpaper that I wasn’t 100% certain about, you’d fall in love and want it real bad…then I’d break your little hearts when I told you I changed it to a different but equally amazing style. I was doing you a favor, really.

To cut to the chase, the wallpaper is on it’s way; it’ll be here by Friday…so now we can talk about it.

I’m jazzed because I sure do love talking about wallpaper. I really dig throwing a BOLD style into a space. Wallpaper can make the room. With wallpaper, I suggest going FEARLESS!! Your dining room is a great space to experiment and should definitely be decked out.

Let me make my case…

Michelle Gage // ORC Week 3: Revealing The Room's Wallpaper
Michelle Gage // ORC Week 3: Revealing The Room's Wallpaper
Michelle Gage // ORC Week 3: Revealing The Room's Wallpaper
Michelle Gage // ORC Week 3: Revealing The Room's Wallpaper
Michelle Gage // ORC Week 3: Revealing The Room's Wallpaper
Michelle Gage // ORC Week 3: Revealing The Room's Wallpaper

So we all dig the wallpaper, right? More on that later…

I’m thrilled to say that I have an amazing team of sponsors making this room a reality. Before I share the sponsors with you, let me say that there is no way this would be happening without my husband; I just can’t gush about him enough. This guy is spending every waking hour of this weekend making this dream dining room a reality. He is working on the space in the evenings and just making whatever I designed WORK.

I was away Saturday through last night at Highpoint Market with Nicole Cole (another featured Philly designer). I kid you not, I’d be lost without Alex. When I returned home from my trip, there was all of this magical progress in the dining room (see my highlights). He’s just the best and I’ll likely remind you of that every week (as I already have in Week 2).

So let’s talk sources. What’s coming into the space to create this kickass design? Article is sponsoring with this amazing bar cabinet and dining table. Underneath the table, Hayneedle is coming in with this (#sponsored) stunner of a rug. At the head of each table will sit these PERFECT chairs from Selamat. I’m so grateful to have Selamat as a sponsor, especially since they’ll be sending me this AMAZING bar cart that I’ve been eyeing FOREVER. On each side of the table will be these cutie chairs (#notsponsored #paidforbyme).

Two huge sponsors for this room are Hudson Valley Lighting and Metrie. HVL is coming in strong with a table lamp, sconces and the chandeliers of my dreams. I already went into detail about the amazing moldings being provided by Metrie in last week’s blog post. If you want to see some progress on all that, again, hop on over to my IG highlights (or peep my husband’s IG). IT’S SICK STUFF!!

Lastly, what you’ve all been waiting for…THIS is the amazing wallpaper I’ve chosen for the dining room. Cole & Sons is providing me with a pretty great discount that allows me to afford the install on this bad boy - because the one DIY we don’t do is wallpaper. No doubt, this print splashed all over the walls will be what makes the room. It’s all I’ve ever wanted in a wallpaper. I’m one lucky lady!

Alright, I’ve yapped enough. That’s all from me, y’all. Be sure to see what the other bloggers/designers are up to this week. I see some good things a-brewing!

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