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Our House Project Plans | Spring-Summer 2018


By now, you know that we've moved into a new house - our second fixer upper and forever home. We knew we were moving at the end of September, so we've had plenty of time to think through the design plan. It has gone through a few rounds of edits, but I think it's finally in the place where I can share it with you all. If the plan seems intense, well, it is. We have A LOT of updating to do. This house is full of character. It was built in 1927 and has a stone exterior. There are two sets of stairs - the main stairs off of the entryway and the butler's stairs. The butler's stairs connect to the part of the house that used to be the servant's quarters. You can see the differences in that space - the floors and the moldings are less expensive than they are in the rest of the house. It's also a good bit colder. We're going to fix all of that, as that space will become my studio.

When we were house hunting, a design studio was a top item on the list. My business has been expanding - and I eventually want to hire a team to work with me. We looked at homes that had garages we could convert or land we could build on. Ultimately, we landed on this home, which had a separate set of stairs and a wall removed between two bedrooms (making it a massive space). 

Now that you have a bit of background on why we landed where we did, let me talk you through the changes. We already made some, that you can read about here. Let's look at the rest.

Michelle Gage // Our House Project Plans | Spring-Summer 2018
Michelle Gage // Our House Project Plans | Spring-Summer 2018

#GoodBonesAbode Our HouseProject Plans - Spring-Summer 2018

1. Master BedroomThis is the biggest project of the home. So, rather then work our (Alex's) way up to it, it's going first. This space started as two bedrooms off of a separate hallway. When we bought the house, the owners had already removed the walls that separated the two spaces. While it created a somewhat awkward space, it gave us a larger room to create a true master suite. We're working on removing the hallway, creating a walk in closet, sitting room and then designated sleep space. I'll be sharing more about this space soon. Right now, Alex is consumed with removing, building and repairing walls - and I have SO MANY progress pics to share. 

2. Living Room: Surprisingly, this is one of the rooms that needs the least amount of work. Structurally, it's sound. It features some great wooden beams (one of the reasons we fell in love with the space) that just need a little cleaning. We need to do something (tbd) with the fireplace mantel. After painting is complete in March, I can furnish and decorate. There are some amazing built in shelves, which I can't wait to get my paws on. 

3. Studio: I got a little bit ahead of myself by speaking about the studio earlier in this post, but it just might be the room I'm looking forward to finishing the most. Currently, we can't even go in this room, as the ceiling is sinking. Alex plans to tear down the ceiling and fix it's busted structure. When the previous owners removed the wall between the two rooms, they didn't realize it was structural. Luckily, this was the only room with carpet. Alex removed it this weekend. It's going to get wall to wall wallpaper and some built in shelving for props and samples. Then, it comes down to the decorating. I already have the furniture I need for the space; it's currently sitting in our soon-to-be ripped our sun room. 

4. Powder Room: This room just needs a little touch up. We're keeping the original sink, but replacing the toilet. Alex has to do some rewiring - and you know it's getting an amazing wallpaper makeover.

Keep in mind, every room in the house is getting painted. Alex will also refinish all of the floors. There's a lot of labor that goes into both, so we chose to hire painters, something we didn't do in the last house.

I think that about covers the first round of renovations. In the fall, we'll start tackling some of the other spaces. I can't wait to share more of the process/progress as we get rolling. I hope you enjoy following along!


It's Time To Talk About The New House

Michelle Gage // It's Time To Talk About The New House
Michelle Gage // It's Time To Talk About The New House
Michelle Gage // It's Time To Talk About The New House
Michelle Gage // It's Time To Talk About The New House
Michelle Gage // It's Time To Talk About The New House

I've been putting off writing this post for a while now. Not because I was dreading it, because I have so much to say and barely know where to begin.

In November, we sold our first house (of 3.5 years) and moved into our forever home. We spent the entire time renovating it, room by room. We started by painting the entire place ourselves then moved onto meatier projects, like renovating our kitchen. We truly enjoyed the process of fixing up our first place, but honestly came to the end of the project. We fixed up everything we possibly could, while not pricing ourselves out of the neighborhood we were in. The changes we made were worth it for us to enjoy while we were still living there, but also made for a sound investment when it came time to sell.

Our hunt for our second house started last spring. We weren't looking to move, rather for a place to fix up and flip. This would mean that we'd have two mortgages until the second property sold. We found a gorgeous (but poorly cared for) 4,500 square foot Victorian that was beaming with potential. As we started crunching our numbers, we realized that we were about two years away from being able to take on a second property of this size. We quickly came to the conclusion that, if we did this NOW, we'd need to live in flip and not just have it as a side project. We decided, however, that if we were to move, we were never going to move again. So, our focus shifted. We were still itching to take on another project; we just needed to find one we'd want to live in forever. For many reasons (bad schools, small yard, expensive sewer issues, etc.), The Victorian wasn't it.

I'll skip passed the part where we saw a bunch of beautiful houses that didn't work out for one reason or another - and tell you that we found the one we bought while searching on Zillow late one night. Alex was actually out of town for work and I sent him a link, claiming that I found our forever home. It checked ALL of the boxes - and was under our budget. Considering that our wish list was insanely long (and somewhat unreasonable), we knew this gem was rare. We scheduled a date to see it with our realtor on the following morning and put in an offer right away. With a bit of back and fourth, the home became ours within a few days. As luck would have it, our home sold on the same day - actually, within the same hour. It was really hard to say goodbye to our first place, but we were overflowing with excitement for this next step. 

I'll be sharing more on the project specifics as we get into the nitty gritty. I have every single space designed (in my head) and I'm eager to get those thoughts into posts. At this point, our projects haven't been the most interesting to document. We got a new roof. We converted our heat from oil to natural gas. We've started by crossing off the "needs" items from our list, before diving into the fun projects we just want to tackle. Alex has made plenty of progress on the master bedroom, which I've shown lots on Instagram. Once the renovations are completed in there, he will move onto refinishing the floors. Then, we will bring painters in to paint and wallpaper (lots, duh) the entire place. Our old home, which was 2000 square feet, was a much more manageable amount of wall space for us to cover ourselves. Our new home is 3500 square feet, so we're calling in the troops!

I'm SO SO excited to document more of this space. Stay tuned to follow along as we rip out walls and pull down ceilings!