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How I Approach Interior Design

Michelle Gage // How I Approach Interior Design
Michelle Gage // How I Approach Interior Design
Michelle Gage // How I Approach Interior Design
Michelle Gage // How I Approach Interior Design

As a child, I was a HUGE Lisa Frank fan. I was a proud member of her club and received monthly mail packs of her colorful stationary and stickers. Her bold, bright and quirky style was right up my six-year-old alley. 

While my tastes have taken a turn for the better, I am still a fan of all things wild and whimsical. There are really no rules when it comes to interior design. Sure, there are some standards that I like to stick to - but when it comes to decor, I always say to DREAM BIG!

I always strive to have the homes I design reflect the people who live there. I guide the design process, but I am all about discovering the client's personal style. At the end of the day, you should come home to a space that looks like you and your family. 

That being said, there are certain elements that I favor. I totally dig a bold wallpaper. I love a good velvet sofa and always try to include vintage elements into the space. I love color and prefer to see more loud tones than neutral ones. 

A space should be a healthy mix of high and low furnishings. Introducing pieces of all price points is an efficient way to flex your budget - no matter what the size! Perhaps we invest a portion of your furniture fund into a dream sofa that is going to last you fifteen years. Then, maybe we skimp on the rug and find a $300 option that we know won't last more than three years. 

If you are in the camp of "buying the right thing once" - I hear you! Maybe you're wondering why we would spend so little on a cheapie rug and then replace it a few years down the line. Hear me out. If you have young kids or pets, no rug is going to hold up too long. Sure, some pricier options may stand the test of time - but if they are bound to get soiled, do you really want them in your house long term?

Accents, like your rugs, are a great place to save a little cash. Decorative textiles tend to be a little bit trendier than furniture styles. You can switch out your rug (pillows, bedding, etc.) when something that you like a little bit more comes your way. You won't feel guilty about this update when the original didn't cost you an arm and a leg.

Back to the vintage thing - I'm all about it - it's in my blood! When the room allows for it, I like to include at least one vintage item into a space. This item can be something that is a star in the space (like a blue vintage sofa) or something that takes on a supporting role (like a bar cart or end table). It takes a little longer to hunt down these vintage treasures, but it is so worth it. Antiques add character to even the most standard spaces. Another area where I like to layer vintage in is through decor. You can always toss in some worn hardback books, capped by brass bookends. 

While I try to attract clients that agree with my design philosophies, it doesn't always work out that way. It is a bit more natural for me to work with homeowners that align with my aesthetic. However, I enjoy the challenge that comes with working outside of my comfort zone. I work with and welcome all design styles. Again, at the end of the day, I want the space you reflect YOU and I want you to love coming home.