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One Room Challenge: Introducing The Massive Master


Well, guys, here we are again. It's challenge season! I'm SO excited to be playing along as a featured designer for this round. I've been absolutely itching to design our bedroom. It's our first true master bedroom - sitting room, walk in closet, attached bathroom. We've never had so much space to ourselves. We're even considering keeping the dogs out of this room. I KNOW?! How will we ever pull this off?! The pups are commonly found in a deep slumber, snuggled in between us in our queen size bed - feet in face. For this space, we're getting a king bed, baby - and no, more space does not mean more room for the doggies. They'll be banished to the guest room (mark my words).

I'm really eager to get rolling on this room. I'm stepping a bit outside of my box on this one. The space is going to be slightly more bohemian than any I've done before. I plan to use shibori prints and sisal textures - a mixture that I've done for clients but never in my own home.

This room WAS a funny one. It used to have its own hallway. Off of that hallway, there were 3 doors - 1 to the bathroom and 2 doors to separate bedrooms. The previous homeowners had torn out the wall that separated the bedrooms, making for one massive master. To keep some structural support, they left a bit of wall. We really don't have the option to remove it, so we're making it work. That wall will separate the sleep space from the sitting space. The hallway is becoming the walk-in closet. We moved the bedroom's entry door to accommodate the change. 

Keeping our total home renovation timeline in mind, we scheduled painters for late March back in December. I always envisioned wallpapering an accent wall behind the bed and that's a task we always hire out. I spent a good amount of time hunting down the perfect paper, ultimately landing on this navy shibori style from Milton + King. I'll be pulling out the light blue tone for the adjacent painted walls.

Michelle Gage // One Room Challenge: Introducing The Massive Master
Michelle Gage // One Room Challenge: Introducing The Massive Master

These "before" photos show the space as it was when we moved in back in November. Those hideous closets are leaving, as are the radiator covers. Alex is in the process of refinishing the floors. We're not going to have the time to touch the bathroom in this round, but you will see a completed bedroom and closet. Can you believe these photos prompted us to call our realtor, requesting that we see this home ASAP?!

Michelle Gage // One Room Challenge: Introducing The Massive Master

Milton + King | Homepolish | Amber Interiors

It was difficult to pull inspiration images for the space, since the design really came together in my head before I had a chance to head to Pinterest.  It sort of started with the wallpaper. I always say that any item can kick off the design plan; in this case, my starting point was wallpaper (duh.) After all, would it truly be a "Michelle Gage Interiors" room without IN YOUR FACE wallpaper?! I'm calling the inspiration "bright bohemian." The room is going to pack in a lot of patterns. It's time to flex my print-mixing powers.

Michelle Gage // One Room Challenge: Introducing The Massive Master

This is the floor plan vision for now. One thing I've learned doing these challenges is that THINGS CHANGE. With the Spring 2017 ORC, we did a last minute switch up on which wall we wanted wallpapered. During the Fall 2017 ORC, I think the dressing room's floor plan changed three or four times. My point being - I know new ideas will arise as this thing gets going. There are always new discoveries within the design process and I'm excited to take you on that journey. Stay tuned to watch the magic unfold!